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Learn all the steps to increase milk production with less cost and prevent the main nutritional problems of a dairy farm using NASEM 2021


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Set of short support material sent daily on the course platform

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Important highlights from the classes to enhance your learning.

Latest researches on management and nutrition on dairy cattle commented by Dr. Mike Hutjens.

Articles to support your learning.

Videos with questions answered by Dr. Mike Hutjens.

Inside The Dairy Feeding and Management Online Course More than 50 modules so you can become an expert on dairy feeding.

Module 1 – Driving Dry Matter Intake
Module 2 – Understanding Nutrients
Module 3 – Roaming Through the Rumen
Module 4 – Phase Feeding Concepts
Module 5 – Dry Cow Feeding and Management
Module 6 – Focus on Fresh Cow Strategies
Modulo 7 – Using Feed Efficiency as a tool
Module 8 – Role of Forages
Module 9 – Forage Types
Module 10 – Silage considerations
Module 11 – Economics and Storage
Module 12 – Evaluating Milk Components
Module 13 – Concentrates
Module 14 – Feed Additive Applications
Module 15 – Mineral Applications and Update
Module 16 – Role of Vitamins
Module 17 – Protein Basics in Dairy Rations
Module 18 – Fat (Lipids and Oils)
Module 19 – Carbohydrates

Module 20 – Feeding by-product feeds
Module 21 – NRC Far Off Dry Cow
Module 22 – NRC Close Up
Module 23 – NRC Fresh Cow
Module 24 – NRC Early Lactation
Module 25 – NRC Mid-Lact
Module 26 – Late Lactation
Module 27 – Lessons learned NRC
Module 28 – Forage Particle Size Evaluation
Module 29 – Grain Processing
Module 30 – Fecal Evaluation Tools
Module 31 – Body Condition Scoring Approaches
Module 32 – Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)
Module 33 – Silage Fermentation
Module 34 – Locomotion Scoring
Module 35 – Heat Stress
Module 36 – Lameness
Module 37 – Grouping
Module 38 – rBST
Module 39 – Feeding Considerations and Reproductive Performance
Module 40 – Immunity
Module 41 – Culling and longevity
Module 42 – Feed bunk management

Module 43 – Total Mix Ration Applications
Module 44 – Colostrum
Module 45 – Liquid diets for calves
Module 46 – Start Grain
Module 47 – Scours and Pneumonia
Module 48 – Feeding Heifers Efficiently
Module 49 – Heifer rations
Module 50 – Reducing Heifer Costs
Module 51 – Build Ration
Module 52 – Farm Walk
Module NASEM 2021


Class with:

Dr. Bill Weiss
Dr. Dan Undersander
Dr. Rick Grant
Dr. Jud Heinrichs
Dr. Jesse Goff
Dr. Marcia Endres
Dr. Barry Bradford


“I’ve enrolled in the course with the perception of seeking it and intriguing knowledge on the dairy nutrition and the farm management. I’m an animal health professional and as a veterinarian, I’ve been working here in one of the biggest farms of the Sultanate of Oman. About the course it’s extremely exhaustive and gave us the cutting edge piece of the search and other knowledge with so many collaborative authors there are able to bring it down to us to share their knowledge and most of them are their experts, the so called world known experts in their respective field of research, so regardless to say emeritus professor Dr. Mike Hutjens is an enormous way of inculcating the ideas into the students might as I have been enrolled I feel extremely privileged to have undergone this course and I have benefited really a lot with these goals. I’m thankful for professor Dr. MIke Hutjens thanks very much thank you so much.”

Dr S Mathan Kumar, Indian Student

“My name is Paulo Simões, for me is the best courses I have ever taken in my life, it has greatly increased my technical knowledge, I am very surprised despite the 15 years experience that I have. I would like to speak to anyone who has the opportunity to take this course, everyone related to the dairy industry, both producer and technician. Producer will see a lot management classes, a lot of practice and you will be able to talk to your nutritionist with more details. The nutritionist for sure will be having a lot of good information, a lot will change in the farm, it is very impressive.”

Jair André Veit, Brazilian Student

Dr. Bill Weiss

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Meet Dr Mike Hutjens

Dr. Mike was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where he was raised on a dairy farm. In 1971, he earned his PhD at the prestigious University of Wisconsin – Madison.

He won the title of Extensionist of the Year, Outstanding Teacher in the United States, Most Influential Person in the American Dairy Industry, and received the ADSA Honor Award.

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Yes, it does. You will receive all the powerpoints of each class and also articles related to the subject.

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